Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Get hair free by using laser hair removal

So you to get hair free by this summer? Well, you found the right place. My name is Linda and I have been working in this field for over 10 years. I show women how to permanently removal hair from their bodies. You must be having certain queries regarding laser hair removal machines and there would be many people around you who will guide you.
They will tell you many things about laser hair removals and most probably chances are that you are not going to buy the machine. But the things which you are knowing might be true and might be not. There are certain myths about the home hair removal machines which you should know before taking the decision of buying or not buying the machine.

  • 1. LASER HAIR REMOVAL IS VERY PAINFUL: Many people think that laser hair removal is a painful treatment but that is not true in fact it is not at all painful rather waxing is more painful than laser.
  • 2. LASER HAIR REMOVAL REMOVE HAIRS IN THE FIRST TREATMENT: You might be very happy while listening this but this is not true. It is important to have 6-7 treatments before you get any long term result.
  • 3. IT IS EXPENSIVE: Every time you have replace the cartridge which makes it expensive but it you compare it with the waxing which you will do for the rest of your life you will find that this is not at all expensive.
  • 4. GOOD FOR ONLY LIGHT SKIN AND DARK HAIRS: This was true but very long ago. Now with new laser technology you can treat a range of skin type with hair colors.
  • 5. IT CAUSE SCARRING: There is very little risk that laser treatment can cause scarring. In fact laser penetrate where it can only remove the hair follicle.
  • 6. IT CAN CAUSE INGROWN: This is not true in fact ingrown hairs is the cause of waxing and shaving but not after laser hair removal. It actually reduces the ingrown hairs.
  • 7. LASER HAIR REMOVAL EXPOSE THE SKIN TO RADIATION:The laser which are best do not emits radiation and is not at all harmful to the skin.
If you would like more information about laser hair removal at home I will be posting up a detailed article about this in the near future. Until then please refer any questions or enquiries to my email.